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Date 19 June 2010; 10:00 - 17:30

Martin's Central Park, Bvd. Charlemagne 80,  Brussels - 1000 

Participants 10 - 15
Course fee 190  :-   (lunch, coffee breaks and course materials included)

This course was focused on the final stage of the EPSO competition - the Oral Exam. Candidates were presented with several do's and dont's of the interview as well as several tips and tricks. The candidates where given feedback on their profile and CV as well as on their self presentations. The satisfaction survey reveal as usual a high score.

Oral Exam

  • Explanations
  • Exercises

Oral presentation

  • Explanation
  • Tips & Tricks

Structured interview

  • Explanation
  • Self presentation
  • Debriefing


Who was it for?

  • Candidates in EPSO/AD/161/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AD/162/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AD/166/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AD/167/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AD/163/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AD/169/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AD/170/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AD/171/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AD/168/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AD/172/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AST/95/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AST/96/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AST/97/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AST/98/09
  • Candidates in EPSO/AST/99/09
  • All candidates who whish to learn about the Oral Test

Contact us so at office@trainday.eu to schedule a private coaching session if the proposed date is not suitable for you.


Download this file (087_Agenda_ Epso Oral Exam.pdf)Agenda - Oral Exam Course100 kB