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After several years at academic level and in the industry, Tor ambition is to add value by teaching others. Providing up to date knowledge to those who are able to implement this in their daily work would brings him the greatest satisfaction. From own practical experience he knows the need to link new knowledge with the experience and the pre-knowledge of the customer. He understands  and strives to adapt the lessons and lesson material to his audience.


Tor experience is in the true sense broad. It has given him a strong ability to link theory with practice. This versatile set of experiences together with his less traditional career and a burning eager to find new ways makes him truly innovative. Experience of guiding and leading others, making their eager and ambition compatible with project schedules and generating custormers satisfaction.

Operating System Known Software
  • UNIX
  • DOS
  • OptiCAD - expert
  • MatLab - expert
  • LabView - basic
  • MS Office - expert
  • MagNet - expert
  • Pro/Engineer - basic
  • SpinFire - expert
  • E-drawing - expert
  • Goggle Sketch - expert





Download this file (100_TBJ Chronological CV Teach 2010-09-14.pdf)Tor-Björn Johansson CV63 kB