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Q: Why should I pay for something that I can probably find on the internet?

A: If you are really determined and want to find the information on the net this will probably be available. The value of that information will be however questionable. We did all the work of selecting the right information and extracting the most relevant aspects. Out trainers have the expertise and the practical experience to do so. They have surveyed the latest books and the analyzed the last magazines in order to make your investment worthwile.

Q: How should I pay/subscribe to a course?

A: At the end of each course description page there is a "Buy Now" button. As you click it you will get to a PayPal page where you can pay with a debit/credit card. You don't have to have a PayPal account for that. The moment the payment is done the booking is completed. We will send a confirmation soon after.

Q: Why should I come to your courses rather than going to a specialized universty?

A: We have a different approach than a classical university course. We focus on maximizing the passed-on knowledge in the shortest amount of time (usually one day). In a classical university course one has to spend a lot of time writing essays, reviewing books and studying on his own. We present methods and techniques that are applicable in you day job right away.

Q: Why do the courses last for only one day?

A: Because we know our customers are busy and we respect their time. We understand that formation is a long term process. However there are critical aspects about each field that a more experienced colleague can pass on within the frame of a day.