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Duration 1 day; 09:30 - 17:00 
Location  Brussels 
Participants  8
Course fee  180 EUR/person

Microsoft Word Training

  • Introduction in Microsoft Word
  • Everything about tables in Microsoft Word
  • Mail merge and labels in Microsoft Word
  • Refreshment of the basics of Word
  • Standard corporate documents in Microsoft Word
  • Long and complex documents in Microsoft Word
  • Increasing my efficiency : tips & tricks in Microsoft Word

Basic course Word

  • Interface and basics of word processing : moving around, selecting text, selecting text, undoing or redoing the last action
  • To type, edit or correct text in Word
  • To create, open, save and print a document. in Word
  • To move and copy text and paragraphs in Word
  • Spelling control in Word

Layout of the text in Word

  • Character layout : bold, cursive, underline, font, ... in Word
  • Paragraph layout : spacing, alignment, ... in Word
  • Borders and shading in Word
  • Creating small lists (with bullets of numbering) in Word

Tables in Word

  • Defining the number of columns and rows in Word
  • Moving through a table in Word
  • Table layout : aligning text, adapting the cell size, defining the spacing for rows and columns in Word
  • Merging cells, split cells : to insert and delete rows and colomns

Mail Merge in Word

  • Purpose and description of merging,
  • Merge of two documents (Word document and imported data)
  • To create and manage labels : standard and custom formats
  • Partial merging, sorting criteria in Word
  • Inserting data from other programs : Excel and other external databases in Word
  • To customise merging (e.g. Dear Sir or Dear Madam, etc. )

Advanced tools in Word

  • Copy of styles to other documents in Word
  • Formating lists (Bullets and Numbers) in Word

Forms in Word

  • Inserting fields in Word
  • Forms with check box, drop down list, text fields in Word
  • Document security in Word
  • Special elements in Word
  • Graphical elements
  • Printing in Word
  • Automatic text in Word
  • Pictures in footer and header in Word
  • Tabels for forms (e. g. Fax) in Word

Training Long and Complex Documents in Word

Structure in Word

  • How tocreate and manage the structure of the document
  • The Outline View in Word
  • Use of styles (create, modify) to keep the document consistent.
  • Automatic numbering of titles and paragraphs in Word

References in Word

  • Creating a table of contents in Word
  • Navigation through the documents: bookmarks, hyperlinks
  • Working with different sections in Word
  • Inserting headers and footers, use of different headers and footers in the same document in Word
  • Footnotes and comments in Word
  • Index in Word
  • Table of illustrations in Word

To reserve a place please write to us at office@trainday.eu or press the "Buy now" button below to register right now via PayPal.