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Date 18 September; 09:00 - 17:00
Location Martin's Central Park
Participants 10
Course Fee 160 € (lunch, coffee breaks and course materials included)

This one-day-course is focused on the types of tests that are covered in the new competition format in the computer based test: Verbal, Numerical, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgment. The course is mainly addressed to the participants in the EPSO/AD/192 - 197 competition but is applicable to all EPSO competitions.

What is it about ?


  • General information about the selection process
  • Tips and Tricks on preparation – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Timing

Verbal reasoning

  • Types of tests and methods
  • Preparation to VR
  • Exercises

Numerical reasoning

  • Types of tests and methods
  • Preparation
  • Exercises

Abstract reasoning

  • Types of tests and methods
  • Preparation to AR
  • Exercises

Situational Judgment

  • Exercises


Who is it for ?

  • EPSO/AD/183/10 (DA) (35 + 6 places)
  • EPSO/AD/184/10 (DE) (24+ 9 places)
  • EPSO/AD/185/10 (EN) (21+ 20 places)
  • EPSO/AD/186/10 (FR) (13+20 places)
  • EPSO/AD/187/10 (SL) (34+ 10 places)
  • EPSO/AD/188/10 (AD5-Interpreters)
  • EPSO/AD/189/10 (AD7-Interpreters)
  • All people who want to prepare and succeed an EPSO competition

To reserve a place please send us an e-mail at office@trainday.eu This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with your full name or press the "Buy Now" button below to register right now via PayPal.

Contact us to schedule a private coaching session if the proposed date is not suitable for you.

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Disclaimer: The Computer Based Test for the above mentioned competition is held in the participant's main language. However in order to be able to organize the course the materials and presentation will be in English.