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Trainer Sebastian M

04 September 2021; 09:15 - 16:30

Location on-line



Course Fee 190 EUR (course materials included)

What is the course about ?

Trainday Course on EPSO's Assessment Centre offers you the chance to do an in-depth simulation exactly as in the real EPSO exam

Given the COVID situation we will hold the training online. A link will be sent to participants. 

The course content is split between simulations and theory with most of the time devoted to exam like simulations followed by individual & specific feedback. In fact participants receive feedback not only from the trainer but also from others allowing each individual a 360 degrees view on his/her performance. 

We accept a limited number of participants per group so that each participant has enough time to speak and to be observed in the simulations. 

The course is designed to cover the same tests that are included in the real EPSO Assessment Centre level such as:

  • Competency-based interview
  • Insights into the motivational interview
  • Situational Interview (replacing group exercise)
  • Case study 
  • Oral Presentation 
Course Agenda:

Competency Based Interview (CBI) on general competencies

  • General principles/Explanations
  • Insights into the motivational interview
  • Tips and tricks
  • Simulation
  • Individual feedback

Insights into the motivational interview

Lunch break 12:30 - 13:00

The Situational Interview

  • General principles/Explanations
  • Tips and tricks

Case Study (Written Test)

  • General principles/Explanations
  • Tips and tricks
  • Distribution of cases

Oral Presentation (Oral Test)

  • General principles/Explanations
  • Tips and tricks


 Note: For the simulation of the specific interview the participant can book a specific coaching session. 


Who is it for ?

  • relevant for EPSO/AD/373/19 - Generalist
  • relevant for EPSO/AD/374/19 - Audit
  • relevant for internal competition COM/AD/01/20
  • The Assessment centre is also very useful for almost everybody as it is a common tool for selection in any professional environment

To reserve a place please send us an e-mail at office@trainday.eu or press the Buy now button below to register right now via PayPal. You can use the option to  Pay with a credit card  if you don't have a PayPal account. 

Trainday organised more than 100 courses on this topic in the past and all this experience is put into the course to the benefit of the participants. Moreover our trainers have direct experience with EPSO competitions and will do their utmost to share it. 

Course fee:

Contact us to schedule a private coaching session if the proposed date is not suitable for you or if you want to practice more the various tests. 

Disclaimer: The Assessment Centre may be held in the participant's second language. However in order to be able to organize the course the materials and presentation will be in English. It is possible however to have the simulation of e.g. interview in French.  Due to time restrictions the timing of the simulations may be different than the timing of the real EPSO tests. As the specific interview is tailored to each participant it is not possible to do a comparable simulation on the day. For that a coaching session