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With regards to the EPSO AD/177/10 competition (Pachtitis) the minimum score needed in the admission tests to be invited to the assessment centre (out of 40):
- European Public administration: 34,737
- Law: 31,789
- ICT: 30,632
- Audit: 26,579
- Economics: 33,778

EPSO made also the following remarks - the thresholds in open competition EPSO/AD/177/10 are not a whole number. This is due to the fact that the Selection Board decided to neutralise some questions in the admission tests. If a question has to be neutralised, the available points are divided over the remaining questions. This factor accounts for the threshold not being a whole number. 

Having checked for all candidates, the neutralisation of the questions concerned did not have a negative impact on their results.

Number of candidates admitted to the assessment centre tests:
- European Public administration: 241
- Law: 152
- ICT: 206
- Audit: 175
- Economics: 103