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The reserve list of EPSO competition AST/118/11 was recently published. There are 16 persons who participated in our courses and now are happy to find their names on the reserve list. Out of these 10 were in our open Assessment center courses, 5 participated into a course that we gave at Spanish Representation in the EU and 1 bought one of our e-learning packages. Notably 75% of the participants from the course we gave on 19 June 2012 are now on the reserve list while the overall average pass rate for this competition si aprox. 50%. In addition to that there might be some participants who chose not to have their name published on the official reserve list or some others that may have changed their name in the meantime.

We take this opportunity to congratulate them and wish them a fruitful career in the EU Institutions.

How to pass the EPSO Computer Based Test?

10 ways to pass the EPSO CBT and become an EU functionarie

1. Learn from the mistakes of others

Rather than going through everything on your own try to learn from the experiences of others. A friend who did the competition before, a coach or taking a course can help you better understand what the competition is about and what mistakes to avoid.

2. Learn to distinguish between absolute and relative statements in verbal

The statement “Some services are exceptional” is not the same as saying that “Services are exceptional “. The first statement is relative the second is absolute. Learn to distinguish between these as this is often a way the texts in verbal are structured. Beside these learn to distinguish the low, medium and high frequency adverbs – e.g. rarely – habitually – always. Answers will often be a combination of these.

3. Refresh basics in numerical

Make sure you master percentages, rule of 3, simple and weighted averages. Also get a good grip on mathematical logic and understand how to translate an everyday question into a calculation.

4. Master the pocket calculator in numerical

You will be given a small calculator to use at the numerical exercises. Learn all the shortcuts on how to e.g. increase or decrease a percentage from a number, how to use the memory or the % functions. This can save you precious seconds and allow you to have a good result.


Trainday goes to Madrid to provide training for INAP


Owing to more than 3 years of experience with EU Institutions exams Trainday was recently invited to provide a course to Instituto Nacional de Administracion Publica (INAP) in Madrid.

The course took place on 9th of September and the 3 Trainday trainers gave the 41 participants an insight into the latest EPSO competition. The participants enjoyed very much the insights, the tips and tricks but above all the simulations of the real test to which all contributed. Each participant had the chance to see how structured interview, the group exercise or the oral presentation actually is. The satisfaction surveys reveal a very high score.

Trainday would like to take this occasion to thank Ms Ramirez and Ms. Moya for all the help with the excellent organization of the premises and of the printed materials.


Registrations are now open for TRAINDAY Course on the EPSO Computer Based Test - 15 December 2012.

This one day course is devoted to the AST 3 competition but it is opened to all people willingto work for the EU institutions and who want to prepare for the pre-selection tests.

The course is focused on the types of tests that are covered in the EPSO Computer Based Test: Verbal, Numerical, Abstract Reasoning, Situational Judgement Test as well as Specific tests. The course is designed to give participants and excellent view on the test and techniques to be used in the exam.

In order to help candidates with their future competition we are publishing the thresholdsfor the AD 5/7 230- 231/2012 EPSO Competition.

The thresholds were:


EPSO 230 - 231/AD/2012 AD 5
(out of 80)
AD 7
(out of 80)
European Public Administration 70.29 70.8
Law 68.16 68.34
Communication 67.84 68
Audit 68.5 69
External Relations 70.84 70.5