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Today 15/12/2010 at 11:00 there were 6752 validated applications for the AST 1 (111) competition and almost 4000 others which were started. Deadline is tomorrow - 16 of December - so it is fair to assume that there will be a least 7500 people willing to participate in the computer based test. Thus on average there will be 18 persons/place (which may varry of course according to the different profile).

All in all there will be 414 places for 9 Language profiles:

More than 2000 participants in the translator competitions passed the computer based test – the first stage of EPSO competitions - and were invited to the assessment centre.  There will be almos 200 places waiting for them on the rezerver lists. The results for the competitions 183 – 187 are listed below. Many of them joined Trainday Epso Assessment Centre course on 15 of January.

EPSO has announced this year's 3rd core competition cycle for assistants.

  • EPSO/AST/111/10 - AST 1  - Assistants in the secretarial field in the following languages DA/DE/EN/ES/FR/NL/PT/SV/MT for EU 27
  • EPSO/AST/112/10 - AST 3 - Asistants in the following fields Statistics; Finance/Accounting; Human Ressources;Communication Information Technology

In March 2011 EPSO  (European Personnel Selection Office) is planning to launch a new competition for administrators. The competition is opened for all citizens of the EU 27 states.

Administrators competitions are amongst the most popular and the most rewarding competitions held by the EPSO. In a similar competition in 2010 there were over 52.000 that applied.

Trainday will hold a Computer Based Test Course on 23 of April  2011 to help participants prepare better for these tests.



Registrations are now open for TRAINDAY Course on Computer Based Test which will take place on Saturday 29th of January 2011 in Brussels.

Participants can chose to register only for this course or also for the Trainday Course on EPSO Assessment Centre on 15 of January so as to benefit from an important discount but also to be amongst the first to graduate the EPSO Academy. 

This one day course  is devoted to all people that want to work for the EU institutions and who want to prepare best the admission exam.