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In order to help candidates with their future competition we are publishing the thresholdsfor the AD 5/7 206/2011 EPSO Competition.

The thresholds were:

EPSO 206/AD/2011 AD 5
(out of 80)
AD 7
(out of 80)
European Public Administration 69.778 70.447
Law 68.889 68.389
Economics 68.395 68.5
Finance 65  
Statistics 64 65.7
Audit 63.5  



On the last day of the registration, few hours before the deadline there were 17.000 validated applications for the EPSO AST 3 (112) competition. The deadline was on 25 of January at noon. The number of successful candidates for the competition is 194 split amongst the 4 fields of the competition.  Thus on average there will be 87 persons/place (which may vary of course according to the different profile), making this competition one of the toughest there is.  

The Assessment Center stage (or AC stage) of EPSO competition is taking place throughout the year. Before entering the assessment venue at EPSO's Brussels headquarters, let's see some advice on how to approach the big day and tips on how to prepare. Still in doubt? Contact us with any questions and we are here to assist you.

Registrations are now open for TRAINDAY Course on the EPSO Computer Based Test which will take place on Saturday 19th of February 2011 in Brussels.

This one day course  is devoted to all people who want to work for the EU institutions and who want to prepare for the pre-selection tests. 

This one-day-course is focused on the types of tests that are covered in the EPSO Computer Based Test: Verbal, Numerical, Abstract Reasoning. This course will include explanations and exercises about the newly introduced tests in the Assisstants competition - Accuracy, Organising and Prioritising and Secretarial Skills .

The course is designed to give participants and excellent view on the test and techniques to be used in the exam.

More details including the agenda and the event booking form are to be found at this link.

As December unfolds and 2011 is approaching it is time to draw the line and look back to the accomplishments of 2010.

With almost 100 participants, 10 open-courses as well as several in-house trainings organized at top Brussels based companies we can proudly say that 2010 was a success. This has to be weighted by the fact that although the company is older we only started operating Belgium in April this year.