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The results for the AST 3 - 118/11 competition are out.  The number of applicants is was 17.272 candidates for 152 places on the reserve list split amongst the 3 fields of the competition.  Thus on average there will be 114 persons/place (which may vary of course according to the different field). This year the pass marks are higher than last year. This can be attributed to the fact that the Situational Judgement Test was part of the final score.

The number of candidates and the thresholds per each field are below:


Field Places AST3 Number of applications Pass Mark
Project management 53 9.034 104,11
Finance/ Accounting 62 4.449 100,44
Communication 37 3.789 99.67
TOTAL 152 17.272  


On the last day of the registration, few hours before the deadline there were 45.500 validated applications for the EPSO AD 5/7 general competition of 2012. The deadline was on 17 April at noon. The number of successful candidates for the competition is 275 split amongst the 5 fields of the competition.  Thus on average there will be165 persons/place (which may vary of course according to the different profile) - making this competition one of the toughest there is.

The places are split among the following fields:




Number of applications AD7 Number of applications



12.287 38 7.892



4.636 13 2.130



2.675 5 1.389



3.468 7 2.023

External Relations


6.519 7 2.338



29.585 70 15,772


This first stage of the competition - the computer based test -  will be composed of 6 different tests. These comprise the classic tests: Verbal, Numerical,  Abstract as well as the Situational Judgement Test. The first three will be held in participant's first (usually native) language and SJT in his second language.

Two courses were jointly organized by Trainday and the Spanish Permanent Representation in the EU. Both courses were focused on the Assessment Centre phase of EPSO competitions. The first one was dedicated to AST 1/111 and AST 3/112 competitions while the second was dedicated to AD5/7 - 206/207/11 competitions.

There were more than 70 participants in the two trainings combined. They appreciated the real experiences of the trainer team, the info pack, the balanced approach and the fact that it “seemed very real” (as many mentioned in the satisfaction survey)

From November 2011 Trainday has moved to a new address – Rue de la Science 10, Brussels 1000 (et.3).

The location is very close to Square de Meeûs and 2 min walk from the European Parliament and Place Luxembourg. The closest metro stations are Trone or Arts-Loi.

This central location will allow us to serve our clients better and have more flexibility in organising our courses and coaching sessions.

We are proud to report that more than 20 of our former participants in Trainday courses are now on the reserve list of EPSO competition AST /111/10. They have participated in the courses  on Assessment Centre we organized in the period April – June 2011.This shows that following a course with Trainday significantly improves the chances of success as the simulations we do in class are highly real and are kept as closely as possible to the real Assessment Center. Thus participants know what to expect and what strategies to use to improve their overall score.

We take this opportunity to wish them good luck in their future careers with the European Institutions.