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On 9 of November 2010 Trainday had a successful and rewarding public appearance in the EPSILON Salon.

Trainday stand (D14) was visited by over 100 participants either individuals or companies, most notably Dexia, BNP Paribas Fortis, TNT, Ulyses, Cripel, ManInfo, VisionIT and many others.

Visitors had the chance to interact with our staff and ask questions about our training courses. Individual participants were mostly interested in the EPSO Academy and how would this help them get a dream job at the European Institutions. Company representatives asked many questions about the MS Office in-house courses and the Web Academy.  

New & Ongoing Competitions

The new EPSO competitions for "Specialists" have just been announced in the following fields:

  • EPSO/AD/178/10 - Librarianship/Information Science (AD 5)
  • EPSO/AD/179/10 - Audiovisual field (AD 5)
  • EPSO/AD/180/10 - Information systems security (AD 7)
  • EPSO/AD/181/10 - Competition law (AD 8)
  • EPSO/AD/182/10 - Industrial economics (AD 8)

In this section you can download for free :

  • Interesting articles
  • Business plans
  • Useful sales plans
  • Templates - for marketing or sales campaigns
  • Communication strategy campaigns
  • and many others

Enjoy !